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Dark Circles Q&A

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Answering your questions about dark circles

Q: I have serious dark circles. What should I do?

A: If you have serious dark circles, you have three options. You can spend the rest of your life covering them with foundation or other concealers. You can try surgery and hope for the best. Or you can try RevitaLume and see results in minutes.

RevitaLume makes use of some of the most powerful skincare ingredients currently available. It's guaranteed to work and you can see the difference in the mirror. There's no reason not to try RevitaLume today.

Q: I've never had a problem with dark circles. All of a sudden, I have serious dark circles under my eyes. What should I do?

A: If your dark circles appear suddenly and they're seriously dark, they could be a symptom of an underlying condition. It's possible that you're experiencing an allergic reaction to something or possibly even malnutrition. In this case, speak to your doctor about your dark circles and be sure to include a list of any recent changes in your life to help your doctor determine the cause of your dark circles.

Q: Aren't all dark circles really caused by fatigue or lack of sleep?

A: Absolutely not. The leading cause of dark circles is heredity. Fatigue and lack of sleep make your skin look paler, which makes all discolorations more noticeable.

Fatigue and lack of sleep can contribute to dark circles but do not cause them.

Q: My child has suddenly developed dark circles under his/her eyes. What should I do?

A: Dark circles under the eyes in children are sometimes a sign of allergies. You may need to take your child to an allergist. It's also possible that your child is not getting enough rest, and the paleness of his/her skin is accentuating the discolorations under the eyes.

In extremely rare cases, serious dark circles in children can be a symptom of a blood clotting disorder like hemophilia. The onset of this type of under-eye circles is not usually sudden, however.

Q: I've read that inadequate nutrition can cause dark circles. What should I do to make sure this isn't behind my dark circles?

A: Mostly, the same old nutritional advice you've heard before: eat a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water. Take a multivitamin supplement. If you're nutritionally healthy and still have dark circles, then it's time to try an eye cream or eye serum like RevitaLume.

Q: What's the connection between Vitamin K and dark circles?

A: The first generation of products designed to get rid of dark circles made extensive use of Vitamin K. When taken internally, Vitamin K reduces the symptoms of blood clotting disorders. It is thought to strengthen the walls of veins and capillaries. Whether or not it has this effect when applied topically is not known.

The latest developments in eye serums make use of other ingredients that have proven effectiveness.

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