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Hiding Dark Under-Eye Circles

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Make-up tips for concealing dark circles

A lot of women have given up on getting rid of their bags and have settled for hiding dark under-eye circles with cosmetics.

The good news is, with the right tools, good cosmetics make hiding dark under-eye circles fairly effective. The bad news is, it's not a permanent answer to the problem. Just like trying a home remedy for dark circles is only a temporary fix, dark circle-concealing cosmetics should not be part of your daily regimen. Instead, invest in an eye serum like RevitaLume that works to get rid of dark circles and even prevent future dark circles from forming.

Concealer for hiding dark under-eye circles

Concealer is the most effective tool for hiding dark under-eye circles. The best of the best is the Iman Corrective Concealer. It works so well because it is a liquid that dries to a matte finish. Blend from the inside corner of your eye to the outside until the concealer is completely blended with your skin.

Choose a color that's one shade lighter than your normal color if your dark circles are blue-black. If, on the other hand, if you have problems with puffiness as well as dark circles, go one shade darker than your usual color.

Concealers are effective at hiding dark under-eye circles because they're opaque (they don't let light through). Normal make-up isn't a match for truly dark under-eye circles.

Instead of struggling to hide your dark circles, consider investing in a product that can help to get rid of them completely. Learn more about our eye serum.

Other make-up tips for hiding dark under-eye circles

When you're applying concealer for hiding dark under-eye circles, use a light touch. Too much concealer will draw attention to the skin under your eyes.

If using mascara, don't apply it to the lower lashes. Flakes of mascara frequently fall from the lower lashes and make dark under-eye circles look darker.

Yellow-base concealer is generally the best choice for hiding dark under-eye circles. Remember to counter-balance the most prominent undertone in your dark circles.

Alternatives to hiding dark under-eye circles

Instead of hiding dark under-eye circles, get rid of them completely with a quality eye serum or eye cream. RevitaLume uses the latest discoveries in cosmeceutical technology to diminish dark circles right away. Learn more about RevitaLume.

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