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Dark Circles Remedies

User-contributed home dark circles remedies


Because dark circles are such a universal concern, nearly everyone has one or two favorite dark circles remedies.  These remedies come from all over the world.  Some are common and others seem strange.

We present this list of dark circles remedies contributed by visitors to this site.  We have rated each of the remedies for effectiveness – these ratings are approximate, based on our own tests.

Top Dark Circles Remedies

The Nuttiest Dark Circles Remedy
Hermy from Miami, FL submitted what may be the nuttiest of all dark circles remedies.  She writes, “My mother always treated dark circles in the traditional Cuban fashion. She crushed almonds and mixed in a few drops of milk to make a paste and spread it on the skin under her eyes.  This helped the dark circles fade.”

Not only that, but it tastes great on toast!  Effectiveness rating: 60%

The Rosewater Remedy
Lenah from Indianapolis recommended a daily application of rosewater-dipped cotton balls.  We tried this remedy with several different brands of rosewater and even different durations of application – but we saw no difference at all.  (This is the best-smelling but least-effective of all dark circles remedies). 

Effectiveness rating: 0%

Lanolin, Lemon and Cucumbers
Susan from Austin, TX wrote in with one of many dark circles remedies based on lanolin.  She recommends a blend of lemon juice, cucumber juice and lanolin cream.  When applied to the eyes, this mixture both lightly bleaches and soothes the skin under the eyes.  Please use with care, however – many people are allergic to lanolin.

Caution: don’t get the lemon juice in your eyes, or you’ll have red, bloodshot eyes in addition to dark circles.  Effectiveness rating: 65%

Irish Dark Circles Remedies
Mary from Dublin, Ireland wrote in to tell us about her family’s method for dealing with dark circles: “We cut open a regular potato and use a cotton ball to soak up the juice.  Then you just hold the cotton ball under your eye for about 10 minutes and you’re ready to go to church!”

Potato juice works on the same principles as cucumber juice: it acts as a mild bleaching agent and helps to soothe puffiness.  Effectiveness rating: 30%

Dark Circles Remedies: Most Effective

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