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Dark Circles Under Eyes

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"I've had dark circles as far as I can remember and just assumed it was something I had to deal with. Since I'm a guy it never even crossed my mind to find a solution. My girlfriend was actually the one who encouraged me to try RevitaLume. I figured she was telling me something so I gave it a try. Now, my dark circles are noticeably lighter and I look five years younger. It's definitely a product I recommend."

- Todd, FL

"My dark under eye circles seemed impossible to remove. I tried everything from cucumber slices to changing my diet. So when I saw your product online, I decided to give it a try. After about one week, I saw a noticeable difference. Apparently so did my friends. They asked me if I was getting more sleep since I looked well rested and youthful. I couldn't believe the immediate results I got after using RevitaLume for just one week!"

- Amanda, PA

"I hated my bags and dark under eye circles. They made me look ten years older. Every day I would get comments like, 'You look so tired and stressed out; get some rest.' The fact was, I did get enough rest and I was very happy with my life. My dark circles made me look like someone I was not. After trying RevitaLume, my appearance reflects how I feel inside. Since my dark circles are lighter and my puffiness is gone I look alive, youthful and radiant. Finally, I look as good as I feel!"

Diane, CT

" Lately my dark under eye circles were getting to me. Close friends and family would comment on how my dark under eye circles made me look mean and unapproachable. As a divorced man, this was something I did not want to hear. I needed to feel good looking and desirable since I was going to start dating again. Well, to make a long story short; I gave RevitaLume a try. The results were amazing. Within weeks, my dark circles practically faded away. I not only look younger but women tell me that they love my handsome eyes!"

-Robert, WI

"I'm the type of guy that if I have a problem, I am persistent in finding a solution. After learning about RevitaLume, I decided to give it a try. First, I wanted to see if RevitaLume truly made a difference, so I conducted a little test. I applied RevitaLume to just one eye for five days. I didn't tell anyone which eye I was testing. Next, I asked my best friend if he could tell me which eye looked better. Immediately, he choose the one I had been treating with RevitaLume. The results were conclusive, RevitaLume really works. Now that I've found the solution to dark under eye circles, I definitely recommend RevitaLume. It's tried and tested!"

-Wayne, RI

"Most Indian people suffer from dark under eye circles. Since I'm Indian, I figured my genes caused my dark under eye circles and there was nothing I could do about it. After learning about the causes of dark under eye circles, I realized that I can remove them. I was impressed by the ingredients in RevitaLume and decided to try it. The results were unbelievable. I look like a new person. I no longer have dark shadows underneath my eyes; my eyes are radiant and rejuvenated! I love RevitaLume!"

- Nina, NY

"Being a full time mom can be very stressful and tiresome. The lack of sleep and rest caused me to have dark circles under my eyes. I began to look older than I was and couldn't stand how disheveled motherhood had made me look. I no longer felt attractive and became very depressed. It was my best friend, Gina who told me about RevitaLume. She was trying it and simply loved the results. I noticed how great Gina looked and wanted to look as good as she did. I bought myself RevitaLume and needless to say, RevitaLume lightened my dark under eye circles as well. It also helped reduce my under eye puffiness and wrinkles. Thanks to RevitaLume I feel attractive and young again!"

- Tammy, GA

"RevitaLume reduced my dark circles and under eye puffiness. I no longer have to wear tons of makeup to cover up dark circles. I look and feel like I'm back in my twenties!"

- Susan, CO

"The results are immediate. It's unbelievable how this fast acting formula can be so gentle yet so powerful. It's extremely simple to use. I wear it underneath my makeup in the day and to bed at night. My husband doesn't even know I have it on. All he knows is that I look much happier and more attractive; and that's all he needs to know."

-Ellen, NJ

"RevitaLume in word is a miracle! I highly recommend RevitaLume. Hands down!"

- Jennifer, CA

I am using RevitaLume for two months. I had (notice I said had) severe dark circles under my eyes AND on my eye lids and the skin above my eye lids. I used RevitaLume twice a day on the entire mentioned area and I have to say, it took away the darkness about 60%-but it looks great.

My dark circles appeared while I was peri-menopausing and then at their worst after I menopaused. I also have a genetic predisposition to dark circles - most women in my family have had them at one time or another.

The gel gave me puffiness under the eyes at first but I kept using it and the puffiness subsided after about a month and a half.I think I may be addicted to it ! Just kidding.

At first, the skin went from dark brown to a dark pink.( I am a caucasian woman age 47)I wonder if anyone else noticed this same process while using it.The bottle is surpassing two months worth of applications, too - and as I've mentioned, I am using it under my eyes as well as eyelids up to the brow.

I am glad I found your product on the internet !

- Michelle, online customer

Try RevitaLume - you won't believe the difference!