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Remedies to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

During sleep fluids in the body accumulate around your eyes causing puffy eyes. We asked readers to send in their favorite remedy to get rid of puffy eyes. Below you will find both familiar and unique tips to deflate puffy eyes for good!

Tap Tap
My favorite way to get rid of puffy eyes is to tap them away. I gently tap my finger on the swollen area to encourage fluids to flow elsewhere. It's my funny way of spanking my puffy eyes away. Bad Puffy Eyes!

-Melissa, NY

Frozen Spoon
I always keep a frozen spoon in my freezer for emergencies. My girlfriend who is a model told me about this trick. She says to cool a spoon and gently press it on puffy eyes. The cold helps reduce swelling and the pressure helps spread fluids away from the eye. Believe me, it works!

-Trish, FL

Thirsty eyes
I use to keep a glass of water near my bed in case I got thirsty during the night. When I spoke to my doctor about my puffy eyes, he mentioned that drinking too many fluids before bedtime contribute to puffy eyes. Reduce your fluid intake before bed. If you're like me and get thirsty at night moderate your intake to small sips.

- Kim, MO

Caffeine has many beauty uses. One of them is to get rid of puffy eyes. Apply two moistened caffeine tea bags to closed eyes. The caffeine constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling.

Barbara, KY

Egg Mask
A great home remedy to get rid of puffy eyes is an egg mask My grandmother gave me this recipe and it has never failed me. Mix two egg whites and a drop of witch hazel in a bowl. Apply to the face and under the eyes with a brush. This helps skin feel tighter and reduces swelling.

Maxine, IL

Water Splash
People often forget the wonders of a cool splash of water in the morning. Cold water not only give you a quick energy boost but it constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling. It's a quick remedy to get rid of puffy eyes any time of day.

Heather, NJ

My favorite remedy to get rid of puffy eyes is a dark circle treatment called RevitaLume. This baby not only removes unsightly dark circles but it reduces puffy eyes. RevitaLume works by strengthening blood vessels under your eyes so that dark circles disappear and it's anti-inflammatory ingredients helps to reduce puffy eyes in the morning. After using RevitaLume, I work to beautiful radiant eyes, I didn't even need makeup!

- Sandra, WI

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