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Over the years I have had the privilege and honor to meet several bands, label managers and artists in the music industry. Sometimes I set a microphone in front of them and magic happens. Or at least a conversation. In time, those interviews will be transcribed here in full, starting with the most recent.

Claire Voyant
Siren-fronted ethereal pop band on Metropolis Records — members talk about side projects, hopes and recent shows
The Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz
26 January 2003

Projekt Records' platinum recording artists do a clever interview in a circle
The Pound, San Francisco
21 August 2002

Alison Shaw, song bird and life blood of the Cranes, opens up and proves she has the best giggle in town
Slim's, San Francisco
14 May 2002

Assemblage 23
Tom Shear speaks out about new releases, Europe and getting robbed
DNA Lounge, San Francisco
7 April 2002

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