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Dark Circles Surgery: Correcting Sunken Eyes

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles can make you look old, tired, and grumpy. If you are like most people, your dark circles make you look like someone you're not. There are many solutions to remove dark circles and many causes for dark circles.

Below I will discuss the surgical procedures involved for treating dark circles caused by thin aging skin. This condition is the most common cause for sunken eyes.

The cause of sunken eyes

Sunken eyes are caused by visible blood vessels due to fat loss in the eye (atrophied sub-orbicularis occuli). This thinning skin underneath the eye can be caused by several factors such as aging skin or heredity.

Since the skin underneath the eye is very thin, blood vessels are more visible. These blood vessels cause dark shadows underneath the eye, or what you know as sunken looking eyes.

Fat grafting for sunken eyes

A typical procedure to fix sunken looking eyes caused by thinning skin is fat grafting. Fat grafting is the procedure to remove excess fat cells from one part of the body to another part of the body. Many people correct sunken eyes with fat grafting because it returns a more youthful look to eyes.

How fat grafting is performed

Before the procedure the doctor will decide which type of anesthesia is best for you. Usually local anesthetic is used for fat grafting however some surgeons prefer an oral sedative.

Fat is then removed from the donor site; typically the buttocks, abdomen, or thighs with a small hypodermic needle. The fat is then spun in a centrifuge to remove excess fluids. Damaged fat cells are removed and only undamaged fat cells are used. The fat is then injected with the use of a separate smaller hypodermic into the site.

Is fat grafting painful?

The procedure itself is not painful since patients are sedated while it is being performed. When you wake up after the procedure you may feel slight sickness due to the anesthesia.

Post procedure effects however, may be quite painful. You may experience significant swelling and bruising. Usually pain killers are prescribed to alleviate pain.

What are the risks to fat grafting?

Risks of fat grafting are the possibility of scaring and developing cysts. Serious infections may occur if correct post procedure actions are not followed. There is the possibility, although rare, of calcification. This is when a substance has been mistakenly injected into a blood vessel.  Internal bleeding as well as blood clots may also result on the removal site.

Are the results permanent?

Many people are disappointed at the longevity of the fat graft results. Positive outcomes depend greatly on choosing an experience surgeon. However, if your body rejects the fat transfer, not even the best doctor can provide positive results.

Results can last anywhere from 3 months to 3 years.  As mentioned before, results vary according to surgeon expertise since this is procedure is highly technique sensitive.

Is surgery worth it?

In conclusion, results from risky surgery such as fat grafting do not prove to be permanent nor is the chance for positive results. People should consider other options first to correct sunken eyes such as topical solutions which help diminish blood vessel visibility.

Non-surgical options for correcting sunken eyes

Consider RevitaLume, an advanced dark under eye treatment. Its proven ingredients work to diminish the appearance of blood vessels and prevent blood vessel breakage.

Since blood vessel visibility is one of the main factors causing sunken eyes, RevitaLume is an effective remedy to combat this problem. Its gentle and there are no risks. What do you have to loose? Before spending major bucks for what may turn out to be a disappointment, give RevitaLume a try first.



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