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Black Eye Circles

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Black eye circles appear as rings under your eyes which can really mar your appearance, making you look sick or tired. There are a number of reasons for which black eye circles form, the most common being hereditary.

Genetic dark circles may seem like an inevitable curse to some people, but they can be dealt with just like those which appear for other reasons. In addition to genetics, though, there are other common reasons one may suffer from black eye circles. 

Common causes of black eye circles

Apart from genetics, there are a number of other common causes of black eye circles. Some have to do with physical ailments and conditions while others have to do with medications, nutrition, or fatigue. Below, we'll provide a detailed explanation of each of these causes of black eye circles.

Physical Ailments – Eczema, asthma, and allergies have been found to cause black eye circles. In particular, conditions which cause itching in the eyes often lead to black circles under the eyes because of the constant scratching and rubbing that occurs.

 Medications – Any medicines that cause dilation of the blood vessels can encourage the development of black eye circles. Due to the delicate nature of the skin under the eyes, when the blood flow increases it is evident through the skin.

Nutrition – Deficiencies of vital nutrients such as vitamin K and iron along with an imbalanced diet can lead to the formation of black eye circles.

Fatigue – Fatigue can cause the skin to become pale which, in turn, make the blood beneath the skin more visible. As a result, black eye circles appear.

Menstruation and Pregnancy – Like fatigue, during menstruation and pregnancy, a woman's skin can become pale and the veins underneath the eyes more visible. For this reason, a number of women choose a cream like RevitaLume to get rid of black eye circles.

Treatments for Black Eye Circles

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