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Dark Under Eye Circles Because of Allergies

Dark Circles Under Eyes

While most people suffer from black circles under their eyes because of genetic dark eye circles, many others have dark under eye circles because of allergies. The connection between dark under eye circles and allergies primarily deals with the histamine reactions caused by allergies. When an undesirable substance enters your body it usually comes in contact with your skin or the sensitive lining of your intestines or airways. At this point, antibodies are sent to the area of intrusion to fight off the allergens. This internal combat between the allergens and your antibodies causes histamines to be released. These histamines can lead to the formation of a rash, dilated blood vessels, fluid leaks, puffy and watery eyes, wheezing, muscle spasms, runny nose. Additionally, the frequent itching often leads one to constantly rub their eyes in order to get relief. As a result, black eye circles tend to develop.

Dark Under Eye Circles Because of Allergies to Food

It has been discovered that certain foods contribute to allergic reactions which manifest as dark circles. While there are many foods to which one may be allergic, some are more allergenic than others. Of this sort, there are a small number of them that actually cause dark under eye circles. Allergies to the following foods can cause these blemishes:

Preventing Dark Under Eye Circles because of Allergies

If you've suffered from dark under eye circles because of allergies, there are also some preventive measures you can take once you get rid of them. Since the dark under eye circles that come from allergies arise mainly because of food, it's best to read labels to ensure they don't contain any of allergenic foods listed above.

Dark Under Eye Circles because of Allergies Solutions

If you believe that your black circles under eyes are because of allergies to these foods, then it would be wise to eliminate them from your diet or at least limit their consumption. These foods may seem unavoidable since they appear in nearly everything we eat. For this reason, a more practical solution is to use a skin bleaching cream for dark circles like RevitaLume so that you can still see results while still enjoying these common foods.

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